2016 – these days



there are days and years and hours that ask questions and then there are days and years and hours that answer or so someone
(zora neale hurston)

and ee cummings writes a lot of good things and he says (a lot of it) in brackets
and i’ve yet to master the importance of (closed) parenthesis and the significance
of absence
and yet i lie

i know the importance of closed (parenthesis)
you wrote i will (always) love you and now i know that the things hidden in smiles
can’t always be kept (savoured) held
and i know that’s unfair because you’ve taught me how to master the
significance of absences
and what i’ve learnt
is that they kill you
but slowly
like accumulative grief
like accumulative wounds
like 1 bee stings, a thousand kill
like death by a thousand cuts
and yeah ok
i could live without knowing absences drown you
is there not a hidden smile in it?
or rather…is it not held in a smile?

i’m no poet (my love)
but i’ve learnt (how to treasure)
these days how (the ache)
you still cause me (gone always)
remains (with yesterday)



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